Okay, so lately I’ve been reading a lot about browser security, compatability this and that, stuff here and there about which browser is the best and which one is the worst.  Many people take this stuff very, very seriously.  As a student of Information Systems Security at ITT Tech (not currently, anyone got any cash for me?) I should take it more seriously than I do.

I read stories from the security conventions about which browsers are the least secure and which ones are the most secure.  One report had Safari going down in 5 minutes.  Now, this is so misleading for the general public that it is not even serious journalism.  I read that report.  Nowhere in that report, nowhere that I saw, explained how long the hackers had to prepare for this exploit.  The report makes it seem that some Cheetoh-encrusted hackers just stumbled upon a computer running Safari and hacked it inside of five minutes.

So I am asking you, the normal and casual web surfer, which browser do you find yourself using the most?  I find myself using IE 9 on Windows and Firefox on the Mac the most, although I do love Camino.  As long as browsers support https using SSL/TSL security systems, I’m not sure it even matters that much for the casual user.

Since I use more than one, and I am sure you do as well, you can vote more than once if you’d like.