Are you using Windows and looking for some good desktop weather and clock widgets?  Tired of the boring Windows gadgets?  Looking for something with beautiful animated graphics, bright colors and pleasing to view?  Well look no further than HTC Home.

These desktop widgets are completely free.  Yes, free.  I know that is one of my favorite four letter words and I know it’s one of yours, too.  Check out the widgets at HTC Home.  There are only two, but I am sure once you see them, two is all you will need or want.

Up first is the original HTC theme.  Those of you with an HTC handset will be familiar with this one, as you can see from the above graphic.  The widget looks just like the HTC Sense widget, except for your desktop.  The widget has beautiful animations, updates automatically with the current conditions and forecast, plus there are many themes to go spruce it up with.  Don’t like the HTC Sense theme?  Try out the other themes to emulate OS X widgets, iOS widgets, weather globe widgets, and there’s one for the Windows Phone 7 lover there, too.

A new addition to the site is the Metro Home weather widget, as seen above.  This one more resembles the Windows Phone 7 home screen, complete with animated Live Tiles and choices of colors.  There is also a Live Tile for your pictures folder in there, as well.

I’ve had numerous people ask what widgets these are in various forums out there, so I thought I’d do a review of them.  They are very nice, have beautiful animations and graphics, and the best part is that they are free.  Please enjoy!