For those of you who follow the browser wars, it seems as if there is victim of that war.  A victim whose last day is fast approaching.  If you have decided to download the open source Flock web browser, I browser that I have actually recommended, you would see the following posted on their website:


So with the demise of Flock, the field of contention is narrowed down.  Flock was advertised as a social media browser, with built in functionality for Twitter and Facebook, among others.  In the age of “anti bloatware”, I think this may have been a contributing factor to the browser’s discontinuation.  Users want separate apps for different functions, not one application that tries to do so many different things, none of them great, but many of them mediocre.  There are plenty of options out there to satisfy the users’ demand for social connectivity.

I find it rather odd, however, that Flock recommends Chrome or Firefox.  Seems that the makers of Flock think the only users out there are Windows users.  I see no recommendations for Opera or Camino or Omniweb, the latter two being Mac only browsers.  I also find it very suspicious that Internet Explorer 9 was not recommended, which I find to be as fast if not faster than Chrome.