I don’t normally win anything.  No lottery tickets, no scratch off 7-11 high roller tickets, nothing.  I did have some very good luck in Las Vegas, specifically at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino playing the Jimmi Hendrix Purple Haze dollar slot machines.  About four grand in one night.  Yes, it was good day.

But recently, thanks to wpcentral and a recent give away, I won something I can really use and will actually last longer than that four grand in winnings.  I was selected out of nearly three pages of comments about cell phone cases and what you would like to see in a product line up.  The thread was sponsored by the Seidio online store, which makes cell phone cases for any cell phone on the market, including the iPad.

As a selected winner, I could choose from any product on their website, and seeing as how I already had a case for my iPad and my new Samsung Focus was all cold and naked, I selected the Innocase Surface Combo, which is the protective case plus a holster.  I chose the burgundy color, mainly because everyone would choose the black, and I have to be different.

The following pictures represent a real world use of the case and how it looks on a phone, plus the holster.  The case is very well made.  The case was a standard two piece snap on case that seems to be secure enough not to separate by itself.  The case slides in to the holster and snaps secure fairly easily.  The case will only fit inside the holster one way, which is screen in.  I would like to see the case fit inside the holster screen out, ala the Otterbox Defender for the iPhone.  Using the holster this way provides an added layer of protection, on top of the cell phone case itself.  Overall, I’m very impressed with this case so far.  I would have bought one even if I had not won it based on the link to the website for the contest on wpcentral.  It is inexpensive as cell phone case combos go and I would highly recommend it to anyone wishing to protect their Samsung Focus.


For your information, the photos were edited on my iPad using the Diptic and the Photogene applications.  The Diptic application will permit the use of multiple pictures in frames like you see above and I used the Photogene application for some post processing and the addition of the 3D frame accents.