One of my two major complaints with the iPhone 4 was the screen size. The other was the notifications system, but that’s a whole other blog entry right there. Granted, the iPhone 4 has the best screen on the market. I don’t see a decent comparison in pixel density and sharpness and clarity on any other phone. But, and that’s a big but… Some of us men have hands and fingers that are just too large to hold the phone comforatbly or to type accurately with on that small screen.  Please understand, I think the iPhone 4 is the best on the market, and it seems the Mobile World Congress agrees here.

Lately, many manufacturers have increased the screen size on their mobiles to a show-stopping and whopping 4.3″ with almost the exact same pixel count as the iPhone 4.  One of these phones is the new HTC Sensation 4G, with a 4.3″ screen and a pixel count of 540×960.  I would dearly love to see this on an iPhone in the future instead of the rumored 4″ screen.  But hey, there are no rumors about the iPhone 5, right?  Right?  Also, I am hoping that some new Windows Phone 7 hardware sports this resolution as well.

So what say you, is 4.3″ on a mobile just too big, or is it a sweetspot?  See the images below and voice your opinion.

Image courtesy of engadget.

Image courtesy of Boy Genius Report.