Seems that members of Congress, a bipartisan group no less, is enacting legislation to curb or even prevent the protests of military funerals. This seems aimed directly at those pathetic waste scum bags from that Kansas church lead by that pathetic scum bag waste of skin Fred Phelps and his pathetic scum bag church. Yes, Fred, I’m talking to you. I swear as God is my Lord and Savior that when you die, I will take time off from work and go to where your hole in the ground is and piss and crap on your grave. Can you feel the love?

Many people support the 1st Amendment right to free speech and press and religion, and I do to. To protest something is a right granted by the Constitution and enforced by the blood of American soldiers and sailors and airmen and Marines since the beginning of this country. I fully support these jackasses’ right to protest. But these scum bags have gone so over the line of decency that they should be arrested for disturbing the peace. To protest is one thing, but to disturb the peace and solemness of a soldier’s funeral is just disgusting on so many levels.

To be honest, I find it hard to believe that these pathetic scum bags have not had the holy hell beat out of them by the motorcycle escorts that follow these funerals. I know it should not result in violence, but I am shocked, nevertheless. You can read some news about this here, and please feel free to leave a comment. I hope this gets lively.