According to some new blog reports and based on some twitter conversations, a Nokia branded Windows Phone 7 handset has been spotted in the wild. What is more exciting is that the phone was spotted being used by an ex-Microsoft employee, who is now the CEO of Nokia, one Stephen Elop. And furthermore exciting is that the phone looks exactly like the prototype pictures of the Windows Phone 7 mobiles that Nokia distributed on its own blog, looking exactly like this:

What is exciting about this Nokia spotting is that the handset being used by Mr. Elop looks exactly like the prototype, which as is commonly known, Nokia handsets rarely come to the market as a final product looking like those very same exciting prototypes.  These prototypes are exactly that:  in a word, exciting.  Nokia handsets are known world-wide for their quality.  Some, most, would argue that they are not known world-wide for their OS, and as sales reports and corporate earnings would suggest, the are not doing a very good job at all of keeping up with with currents technological trends in the smartphone industry; trends mainly started by Apple and Google with their Android OS.

If the news of this twitter conversation:

…is true, then very, very good news lays ahead for Nokia and Windows Phone 7.  Timo Ronkainen, Managing Director TradeDoubler_FI, was sitting next to Mr. Elop at a hockey event and noticed the handset in question.  Many analysts have speculated whether Nokia was indeed at this stage of the process regarding Windows Phone 7 being on their hardware or even if it was being tested at all.  Seems that industry analysts are being proven to be wrong.  Hopefully Nokia can release this beautiful handset this year, and even further, bring it to the United States in both the GSM and CDMA flavors.  Nokia would have a field day in sales here.