Way to go Braves and WTBS for slashing your national viewing audience to damn near ZERO.  I moved to Atlanta in 1976 and lived there until 1988 when I joined the Navy.  I used to LIVE at Fulton County Stadium.  I grew up watching the Braves on WTBS year round.

Now…?  Well, seems some MORON made the decision, Hey, let us SLASH our national viewing audience to damn near ZERO!  Yeah, that sounds like a great idea!!!  Let’s create a sub par station called PeachtreeTV and only broadcast to fewer people than used to get the Wayne’s World show on Saturday Night Live!!!  Yeah, that’s a grand plan!!!!

Yeah, grand plan alright.  I live in Florida now and you’d think Florida being in The South, I could get PeachtreeTV or Sports South so I could watch the Braves…  yeah, right.  NOBODY GETS PEACHTREE TV!!!!!  NOBODY!!!!  Fuck!!!!  What an absolutely piss poor decision this was!!!!  Almost as bad as the Navy decomming the world’s most powerful surface warfare combatant in maritime history with the Iowa class BB!!  This ranks right up there with that piss poor decision.  Seriously.

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