I’ve never really had good luck selling on eBay. Buying stuff, now that’s another page or two entirely. I am very adept at buying stuff on eBay. Selling? No, not really.

I recently tried to sell two iPhones on eBay. One was a jail-broken and unlocked 3GS, complete with a fresh install of iOS 5. A fresh install, and still retaining the unlock feature. I listed that phone for a few days and not one buyer. Really? I had to re-list it again only to sell it for $200. The person bought it, paid for instantly. Now, one of the things I despise about eBay is that it does not enforce a policy for sellers to leave positive feedback for buyers when they immediately pay for something. Most lazy ass sellers will not leave positive feedback for the buyer until the buyer leaves positive feedback for the seller. So, as I hate this policy, I decided to leave positive feedback for the buyer immediately upon getting notification from the iOS PayPal application that he paid for the phone. A week after the phone was delivered, I still have not received feedback. Of any kind. Not positive. Not negative. Nothing.

The second phone I attempted to sell was a 16 gig iPhone 4 plus a Ballistic HD case, including the iPhone 4 box. Again, I had to re-list the phone because nobody bought it the first time around. The second time around, a bidding war erupted with an hour to go and it finally sold. Three days later, still no payment received. Really? Three days? Fo realz? Please.

I had to cancel the transaction and re-list an iPhone 4 yet again. This is the third time around for an iPhone 4. So it sells for more money this time, the buyer pays immediately, but it was on a Friday. After working hours. So I leave a message to the seller telling him, her, it, whatever, that I most likely won’t be able to ship until Monday due to the fact that I’m working and it’s the weekend. I haven’t received a thank you, or an okay, or it’s cool, good buddy, or anything from him.

Is it really that difficult to leave feedback or to respond to a message on eBay? ReallY/