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“Soaking up the heat”
(taken at Maysville, NC)

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Weekends are so crappy without college football on Saturday and NFL games on Sunday. At least there’s MLB for the time being.

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DCWG | DNS Changer Working Group.


Everyone check your system!

Pentagon condemns images appearing to show US troops posing with dead bombers, body parts | Fox News.


But the Pentagon IGNORES pictures of our troops hanging from bridges and being dragged around town by the enemy.  Fuck you, Cleon Panetta, you idiot.  What the hell do you know about national security?

Apple iPhone Will Fail in a Late, Defensive Move: Matthew Lynn – Bloomberg.


What a nice, ironic look at the past.  Pretty hilarious.

Stand Your Ground Marissa Alexander: In The State Of Florida – Marissa Alexander Had A Gun Permit, Stood Her Ground, Did Not Shoot Or Kill Anyone and Faces 20 Years In Prison.


Go to prison for defending yourself.  Yes, that sounds about right.


I like the night life. I like to boogie.

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