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If this doesn’t send a chill up your spine and make your heart burst with pride, I’m not sure what will.  What you see here are fine examples of the US Military, and Marines in particular.  Honor.  Pride.  Respect.  Attention to detail.  Courage.  Some things that Osama and his cronies do not possess, or even know of.

I love watching these guys.  Probably more appropriate symbol of the military does not exist outside of these men.  Sure, you can watch flight operations from a carrier, or an AC-130 Spectre, impressive in its own right, but I do not believe there is a finer example of the US military than this.

Enjoy the United States Marine Corps Silent Drill Team.


We shall see if this works or not.  See, it started out by replying to a job offer from CraigsList.  I know, I know, before you get all riled up on me, I learned my lesson.  One way telemarketers get around the no-call list is to post fake job adverstisements on CraigsList to bait you in, and then send you over to an education center to further your education.

That’s when the phone calls start, because hey, you called them, right?  Therefore, they are not violating the do-not-call registry.  Well, after about 20 calls in the last week, I decided to answer one today.

The man asked for Wayne Williams.  Yep, that’s me, I thought.  So I ask him, depending on who’s calling, and he said such and such from some pissant education center.  I respond by telling the guy that Wayne was killed last night in his home, and that he was speaking to Detective so and so from the Pasco County Sherriff’s Department.  He started stuttering on the phone, I was holding back the chuckles on chuckle-head here, really I was.  He stuttered some more, and said okay, thank you sir and hung up.

Priceless.  I might have a good day today.

I really don’t like to link to outside videos, but this is so f*cking hilarious!  I’ve been in numerous f*cking conversations with my Twitter friends about this movie.  I can watch this f*cking movie all f*cking day long.


Attention:  contains lots of f*cking cuss words.


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