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Way to go Braves and WTBS for slashing your national viewing audience to damn near ZERO.  I moved to Atlanta in 1976 and lived there until 1988 when I joined the Navy.  I used to LIVE at Fulton County Stadium.  I grew up watching the Braves on WTBS year round.

Now…?  Well, seems some MORON made the decision, Hey, let us SLASH our national viewing audience to damn near ZERO!  Yeah, that sounds like a great idea!!!  Let’s create a sub par station called PeachtreeTV and only broadcast to fewer people than used to get the Wayne’s World show on Saturday Night Live!!!  Yeah, that’s a grand plan!!!!

Yeah, grand plan alright.  I live in Florida now and you’d think Florida being in The South, I could get PeachtreeTV or Sports South so I could watch the Braves…  yeah, right.  NOBODY GETS PEACHTREE TV!!!!!  NOBODY!!!!  Fuck!!!!  What an absolutely piss poor decision this was!!!!  Almost as bad as the Navy decomming the world’s most powerful surface warfare combatant in maritime history with the Iowa class BB!!  This ranks right up there with that piss poor decision.  Seriously.

Shit on:

Still loving me some:


@Braves news!

Well looky here, looks like Jurrjens is baaaaaack!  Way to go, Braves!

Braves baseball and WTBS

Hey Braves!  Hey WTBS!  I don’t know what happened and I really don’t care, but you two need to get back together again.  I grew up going to Fulton County Stadium and watching the Braves every single afternoon on TBS.  Now, something is different.

Yes.  Different.  Very different.  And in a very bad way.  Last season, if the Braves were on ESPN or the MLB channel (and I wasn’t working non stop) I watched them.  That may have been a handful of games.  So far this season, I haven’t seen a single one.  Why?

I live in Florida.  Florida borders Georgia.  I get WTBS.  I do not get the Peachtree channel, SportsSouth or anything else that shows the Braves.  And I’m sure every single cable subscribing individual in the country is in the same boat.  The Braves just lost probably ninety per cent of their viewing audience.  I’m included in that statistic.

So please, kiss and make up.  Pretty please?  With a cherry on top?


It is Opening Day, baby! Go Braves and poo on the Giants!

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My tribute to Jimmy V!

Even though I’m a die hard Tar Heel fan, I stumbled upon this image of Sir Jimmy Valvano today.  I just HAD to post it.  I hope you like it as much as I do.


This is anybody’s Championship, really.  I can’t even begin to make a decision!

Wow. Just wow.

I never ever thought I’d see the day when an 11 seed knocked off Kansas as a number 1 seed.  Never.  This is one great tournament.  I love this game!


Can it get any better than that?

Methinks yes.  The man is on fire.  They should make a sequel to that movie called Man On Fire 2 starring Tyler Zeller.


Of course, the North Carolina Tar Heels.  AND…  Anyone who plays Duke.  Go Arizona Wildcats!  Way to lay down the beeyotch slapping on the Blue Devils!

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