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Is it really necessary to secure the loose end of the roll with 5 pounds of glue? Really?

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Frustrated On The Toilet


Unfortunately, it’s on a Win 7 desktop… But a man can have a dream, right?

Some great beer!

Wayne Williams 
USN, ret.

On a wing and a prayer: The extraordinary hanging monasteries that cling to the sides of cliffs | Mail Online.

Got some wicked storms coming this way!



Wayne Williams
USN, ret.

Holy cow, these things sound great!  Got them on Amazon for $55, that’s about half off.  Brand new in the box.  They have the standard audio jacks, plus they come with an adapter to use on the USB port, which is what I need.  Nice pair of Plantronics, here’s the link to Amazon:

I highly recommend these things.  Very nice.Image

I mean, look at this putz.  Dresses like a homeless bum, worth a mint and can’t even dress properly for his own wedding.  Tie undone, hands in his pockets, the jacket on the mess he calls a suit isn’t even buttoned.  What a waste of a talented person.



I’ve been using TweetCaster for Twitter. You should check it out. It’s the #1 mobile Twitter app.

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“Braves baseball!!”
(taken at Wayne’s Castle)

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