Approaching storm coming through

Here’s some pictures of a nice looking storm hitting Maysville, NC right now.



Welcome to the newest member of the family!

His name is JoJo, he’s a 5 year old blue and gold Macaw. We adopted him for $500. He loves people, loves to talk, and dances to music. He’s quite the character.

Bad storms coming in Maysville, NC right now

Looking pretty rough outside. The temperature has gone down about 20 degrees in around 30 minutes.

My new Chevy Silverado!

It’s just the LT model, but the leather is very nice. It’s packing the 4.8L V8, which seems more than enough for this truck. It sounds pretty nice when I start it, too. Overall, I’d say it’s as nice as my Dodge Ram that I used to have.

Screenshot of my Win 7 desktop

Got some Rainmeter stuff working so it looks much cooler and geekier now.

Now open!

Now open!

Who wants a mustache ride meow?

One of my furballs

One of my furballs

Sleeping under MY blankets!

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