About a month ago, I got a new job.  I will be working for American Express in the Membership Rewards section, doing phone support for the card holders redeeming their points.

The first month of training is over and I’m happy to say that my 3 tests went pretty well.  94 on two of them and a 98 on the final one.

Tuesday we start the phase called Nesting, where we are on the production floor taking calls from card holders.  That portion lasts 6 weeks, then we are considered tenured agents and are officially out of training.

I really don’t anticipate much of a problem here.  My last job was in a call center working for Hilton, taking reservations for hotels all over the globe.  I really enjoyed it.  And honestly, I’d still be doing it if the job was in another state.  I hated Florida.  It is a silly place.